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Meet Stephen P. Rapp, Your Local Personal Injury Lawyer

Stephen P RappAfter an accident occurs, you may struggle with a variety of medical, financial and long-term issues that need your immediate attention. As an independent and educated adult, you may feel it is your responsibility to solve all of these problems by yourself. However, tackling this burden alone can increase your stress and limit your ability to resolve these matters well.

For over two decades, I have helped accident victims and their loved ones find solutions after they have been hurt by someone else's negligence or carelessness. Born and raised in Quincy, I understand your unique concerns and the considerations you need to address when you take legal action.

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Stephen P RappI founded my firm, the Law Office of Stephen P. Rapp, in 1993 because I recognized the need for a high quality LOCAL personal injury law firm. My law firm is conveniently located in Quincy, Illinois which benefits you. In many cases, it is vital to gather investigative information promptly to support a personal injury or workers' compensation claim.

Unlike larger, non-local firms, my firm can provide you with responsive and tailored representation right here in Quincy. Many of my clients have received large settlements and verdicts for their case because they retain me early on in the legal process. They understand the advantages that local legal insight and knowledge offers.

When you work with me, you can count on me to design an aggressive strategy to pursue your claim. I am committed to help you get the compensation you deserve. My firm's successes demonstrate my ability to seek a favorable result in your injury claim.

Hire A LOCAL Lawyer Dedicated To Handling Your Concerns With Compassion And Skill. Contact The Law Office Of Stephen P. Rapp.

We invite you to schedule your free case evaluation online or over the phone by dialing 223-4570 or 866-223-0087. Do you have a question about filing a personal injury or workers' compensation claim, read my informative articles to learn more.

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