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Articles Written By Personal Injury Lawyer Stephen P. Rapp, Quincy, IL

Trucking Accidents Quincy, Illinois: Prompt Legal Representation

Posted in 2018 by Attorney Stephen P. Rapp

Get a Lawyer if you are a Trucker involved in an Accident

If you are a trucker and the other driver is at fault, you may have multiple claims, including a worker’s compensation claim and a personal injury claim against the negligent driver. With the reporting requirements and others matters involved in being a trucker, getting a lawyer to handle BOTH a potential injury claim and a claim against the other driver might not be immediately considered. It is important to obtain prompt legal representation if seriously injured as a trucker. Many truckers fear job loss, however, if the other driver is at fault, even with a worker’s compensation claim, a lawyer can help you obtain the compensation you deserve and indirectly assist your employer’s insurance company in recovering some of the money paid for your worker’s compensation claim.

Don’t take chances as a trucker…secure the services of a lawyer early on so you can get the legal advice and assistance needed.

If you are injured in a Trucking Accident, get a lawyer to represent your legal rights

While truckers have a tough job, mistakes do happen and if you are injured in a trucking accident, get a lawyer right away to represent your legal interests. Trucking Accidents are often complex and as a private person, it is difficult to match the resources of a trucking firm or their insurance companies. A lawsuit may be necessary in serious injury and death cases to obtain full and fair compensation. Consider consulting with an attorney before giving any statements to an insurance company.

​​Top Car Accident Lawyer Stephen Patrick Rapp in Quincy, Illinois

Posted in 2018 by Attorney Stephen P. Rapp

Hiring a top-rated Car Accident Attorney can be one of the most important life decisions a person can make after suffering a serious injury. Don’t make a critical mistake by trying to represent yourself. It is important to know and protect your rights.

Experience Counts

When injured many try to avoid the hassle and assume that an insurance company will treat them right. They sign authorizations, give statements and incorrectly believe that the insurance company is looking out for their interests. Insurance companies and adjusters don’t represent your interests. Their goal is to pay you little or nothing if they can get by with it. Since experience counts, consider contacting a local attorney in your area that has substantial experience as that experience can go to work for you right away to seek the monetary compensation you deserve.

Why Time is Important when Injured

Time passes quickly and important evidence is often lost. With an experienced personal injury lawyer, you can focus on getting the medical care and treatment necessary to recover from your injuries. Don’t delay as time is of the essence. Insurance companies want to make you feel comfortable and often imply (and we have see state) that a person doesn’t need an attorney. Don’t be fooled, get an attorney right away. If you wait weeks thinking all will be well, you will likely ultimately realize that such an approach can be detrimental to your case. If your car needs repair, you go to a mechanic; if you are injured in a car accident, our view is that you get a lawyer. We have had many clients remark that they wish they had hired us sooner. Know and protect your legal rights if injured.​

Injured on Job in Quincy, Illinois: Don’t be Afraid to Make a Workers’ Compensation Claim

Posted in 2018 by Attorney Stephen P. Rapp

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Local Attorney Stephen Patrick Rapp of Quincy, Illinois, explains why those injured on the job should not be afraid to make a Workers ‘ Compensation Claim .

Don’t be Afraid to Make a Workers’ Compensation Claim if Injured on the Job in Quincy, Adams County, Illinois. Know and Protect your Rights if Injured on the Job.

Many injured on the job fear making a Workers’ Compensation Claim. The initial instinct is that a person can rely on their employer to get fair treatment. Those injured on the job are concerned that they will lose their job because they make a claim or hire an attorney. The fact of the matter is that laws protect injured workers and provide them with legal rights to appropriate compensation if injured on the job. An employer who fires an individual solely because of making a Workers’ Compensation claim faces legal consequences. In short, an employee injured on the job has the legal right to make a claim without retaliation by the employer. Don’t be afraid to make a Workers’ Compensation claim. Don’t think that you will have your rights protected by going it alone. An injured person needs to know that insurance companies essentially try to take over and without legal representation your rights to appropriate and complete medical care and monetary compensation can be affected. Know and protect your rights if injured on the job. Hire an attorney early on to help you in dealing with your employer, the employer’s insurance company and getting a claim on file. If you have had surgery or you are scheduled to have surgery, it is so important that you have an attorney to protect your legal rights and to secure the compensation you rightly deserve. Having an attorney representing your interests as soon as possible will likely avoid many mistakes made by people that think they can handle their own claim.

Get a Lawyer to Handle your Workers’ Compensation Claim Promptly after Suffering a Work Injury

Some employees fail to report their injury to their employer. It is important to make a prompt report of an injury preferably in writing to the employer. If you fail to do so, your rights to compensation can be affected. Follow-up promptly with a medical professional and seek all necessary and reasonable care. Don’t let your employer talk you out of reporting your injury or going to the doctor. Make sure you explain that your injuries were sustained on the job and make sure that you follow – up in your care and treatment. Some employees minimize their injuries thinking that they will be fine only to learn later the true nature and extent of their injuries. It might be too late then and never allow an employer to convince you to run your bills through your health insurance instead of workers’ comp. Getting prompt medical care and hiring a lawyer is most important to protect yourself.​

​​Why it is Important to Get a Lawyer After the Death of a Spouse.

Posted in 2018 by Attorney Stephen P. Rapp
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People who have lost a spouse or another close family member need to promptly know and protect their legal rights. Stephen P. Rapp of The Law Office of Stephen P. Rapp in Quincy, Illinois explains the important need to get prompt legal representation where a spouse or child has died in a crash or other accident.

Don’t let Grief and Sadness Prevent or Delay Prompt Legal Representation

Let’s face it, after the death of a spouse or family member, a funeral together with all the emotions, realization of the gravity of the loss, sometimes, the last thing a person wants to think about is hiring a lawyer. Don’t let these feelings prevent or delay you from getting prompt legal representation. Wrongful Death Claims can be very complex and a lawyer will take the burden of investigation and dealing with the insurance companies off your shoulders. Friends and family might try to tell you a lawyer is not necessary. Place your trust in an experienced lawyer who handles these types of claims. Contact the Law Office of Stephen P. Rapp promptly.

Don’t Let an Insurance Company Tell You You Don’t Need an Attorney

Our experience in handling death claims has produced one troubling general conclusion: Insurance Companies, even your own, may state or imply that you don’t need legal representation. This is so far from the truth as after suffering such a loss, you need someone to prepare and present claims for the loss of a loved one. Don’t think for one moment that insurance companies or adjusters really are concerned about your worries about paying bills or providing for your children after the death of a spouse. As strong as it sounds, one of the first things you should do after a funeral is to get a lawyer to help you protect you and your family. Estate work of some type will be necessary and these complex cases need to be handled by an experienced lawyer. This will allow you to focus on healing and taking care of yourself and your family.

If You Know the Driver Who Caused the Death of Your Spouse, Don’t Fail to Retain a Lawyer

Oftentimes, a person is a passenger in a friend’s car or killed due to the negligence of a driver that the family knows. This can be confusing and emotionally troubling as we have a tendency to want to “forgive” people we know. Remember, if you lose a spouse or a loved one, it will be insurance companies that must be fought. Your own insurance agent (not the claims department) might imply that they will help. The fact of the matter is that you need an independent lawyer who will represent the interests of you and your family. You don’t necessarily need to “sue” someone when a lawyer investigates, handles and processes a death claim. Don’t be talked out of getting a lawyer right away when a spouse or loved one is lost due to the negligence of another. Protect the future of your family, seek immediate advice from a lawyer. Evidence needs to be often preserved and a lawyer is in a keen position to do the things you may not be emotionally or physically able to accomplish. Know and Protect your Legal Rights. By Stephen Patrick Rapp of the Law Office of Stephen P. Rapp, Quincy, Illinois, a firm concentrating in Personal Injury Law.

​​Motorcycle Deaths and Serious Injury in Quincy, Adams County, Illinois

Posted in 2018 by Attorney Stephen P. Rapp
Filed under: Personal injury Evidence for personal injury cases

Stephen P. Rapp of the Law Office of Stephen P. Rapp, a lawyer in Quincy, Illinois, reviews the importance of legal representation if you or others have suffered serious injury or death as a result of a motorcycle crash.

The Shock of Serious Injury or Death Following a Motorcycle Crash

Without a doubt, death or serious injury is a shock to not only the family but friends and even the motorcycle community. Funerals, hospitals and everything associated with a motorcycle crash can be overwhelming. Indeed, it takes time to heal but the memory of a loved one lost to a motorcycle crash lives on. There are so many things to do and accomplish. They empty feeling of the loss and death which often affects good judgement. It is our experience that the best approach is to retain a local lawyer experienced in serious injury and death cases involving motorcycles. Take a break, let an experienced lawyer handle the legal claim associated with the death or serious injury of a loved one. Don’t leave it up to an insurance company as the lawyer will investigate and document all aspects of the claim and can handle matters for you.

With Death or Serious Injury a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer will be on your side

Getting a Motorcycle Accident Attorney as soon as possible can help you with the burdens. Often people are so distraught that they don’t know what to do. Friends and family can help but in order to know and protect your legal rights, take the burden off your shoulders and let an experienced Motorcycle Accident Lawyer assist you. Evidence must be preserved and the lawyer can help do that. A lawyer will make contact with the insurance company and take care of many tasks so you can mourn or recover from your injuries or loss. The fact of the matter is that while in theory you can do this yourself, law is complicated and most people who have lost a loved one are in no emotional condition to even attempt to accomplish all of the important tasks. Place your trust in a local Motorcycle Accident lawyer and focus on getting your life back on track. An experienced Motorcycle lawyer knows and respects bikers and works hard to bring you the compensation you deserved.

Know and Protect Your Legal Rights if Injured in Car Accident

Posted in 2018 by Attorney Stephen P. Rapp

Knowing your Legal Rights if Injured

Being involved in an automobile collision can be a serious challenge, both physically and financially.

Many individuals fail to get full medical care and treatment in the beginning. Some injured people are more concerned about getting their car fixed rather than attending to current and future physical needs.

If you do not go and get evaluated and treated by a physician for your accident-related injuries, you are not protecting yourself physically and this can affect your ultimate compensation.

Adjusters often contact an injured person early about property damage, the claim that they “need” a statement or for the need to sign “papers.”

Beware as insurance adjusters will likely attempt to minimize the injuries and get an injured person to make a recorded statement.

Don’t take chances. Before giving statements or signing “papers” consult a lawyer right away. Most lawyers provide free initial consultations and it is important to know your rights before making mistakes.

The Insurance Adjuster Works for the Insurance Company NOT an Injured Person and don’t rely on an insurance adjuster to tell you your rights

Knowing your legal rights if injured early on is so critical because insurance company representatives work for the insurance company and not for the injured person. Injured people need to know what to do and not to do, they need to know what they are entitled to and how much their claim is worth. Get a lawyer.

Without the benefit of legal representation, statements taken by an insurance adjuster can be used against an injured person and claims can be unfortunately settled “on the cheap” by these crafty insurance adjusters for far less than full value.

Adjusters are trained to sound cooperative and act cooperative but as lawyers have told clients, “you should not have ever talked to the insurance company.”

If you have any serious injuries, call an attorney who concentrates in Personal Injury Law and allow that attorney to start working for you from day one. At our firm, The Law Office of Stephen Patrick Rapp, Quincy, Illinois, we contact with the insurance company for you.

Mistakes Injured People Make and Why an Injured Person Needs an Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer

Injured people make mistakes. They just don’t know what to do and then the nice phone call from the other driver’s insurance company wanting a statement and wanting to “take care of everything.” Don’t be fooled! You are not required to “give a statement” and you don’t need to sign “some papers.” Oftentimes the skilled adjuster attempts to place blame on you (after your statement) and clients have expressed their shock at what that “nice” insurance adjuster did once they got back to their office. In very serious cases, adjusters will visit an injured person in the hospital! Instead of “cooperating” call or have a trusted love one call an attorney. Every case deserves the benefit of an attorney’s review, Stephen Patrick Rapp believes that injured people make the following general mistakes:
-Failing to notify authorities after a collision or speaking with an insurance adjuster instead of a lawyer and failing to obtain medical care and failing to contact an attorney promptly.​

Injured as a Pedestrian in Quincy, Adams County, Illinois?

Posted in 2018 by Attorney Stephen P. Rapp

Attempt Best as Possible to Gather Information at the Scene and Obtain Prompt Medical Treatment. Make Sure Law Enforcement is Contacted.

As an injured pedestrian, while difficult, try to remember and gather as many details of the incident as possible. If there are witnesses, ask them to help and call the police and ambulance. With smart phones, taking photos of the scene before the vehicle is removed can be very important if the driver tries to claim that you were the negligent party. Pedestrians can be thrown far from the area of impact, so try to get the help of others including law enforcement, fire rescue or others to document exactly what happened. Don’t guess what happened as this might be used against you once the entire ordeal is reviewed. Even at the emergency room, don’t assume matters, be careful that your description is full and complete. Before the accident scene has been compromised, have a friend take photos or consider calling a lawyer promptly before you give a statement to an insurance company. A lawyer can investigate the entire matter, have photographs taken and take other action for you.

If Injured as a Pedestrian, Get a Lawyer BEFORE giving Statements to an Insurance Company or Signing Papers

Having represented many injured pedestrians and others, I believe one of the biggest mistakes an injured person can make is trying to represent themselves and giving statements or signing papers for an insurance company without the benefit of an attorney. Many believe they will “save money” or that they will be forced to file a lawsuit to obtain the compensation rightfully deserved. Don’t take chances, consult with a lawyer promptly and consult with a lawyer.

​​Quincy, Illinois Car Accident Lawyer: Get a Lawyer BEFORE Speaking With Any Insurance Company

Posted in 2018 by Attorney Stephen P. Rapp

At the Law Office of Stephen P. Rapp, Quincy, Illinois, we see that clients often have called their insurance agent or have given recorded statements right after a car accident. It is important to know and protect your legal rights. Retain a lawyer BEFORE contact with an insurance company.

Don’t Make The Mistake of Giving A Statement or Thinking Your Insurance Agent Will Help You When Injured.

Instead of getting to the hospital or getting medical care and treatment, many people make the mistake of speaking with the insurance company for the negligent driver and giving a recorded statement. This insurance company technique is often used to try to blame you for all or part of a car accident. Don’t be fooled! An insurance company might say that we need your statement so we can pay for your property damage. In my many years of practice rarely is a statement ever given so don’t fall prey to these tactics. Be concerned about your injuries, go to the emergency room or a medical doctor as soon after the crash to get fully evaluated and treated. Retain a lawyer who has experience in handling personal injury claims. At the Law Office of Stephen P. Rapp in Quincy, Illinois, we can make all contact with any insurance company including your own and not only handle your property damage but your bodily injury claim. Don’t wait as your rights to full and fair compensation can be affected.

Calling Your Own Agent or Insurance Company Can Be A Big Mistake.

Many Proof of Insurance Cards say “Call your Agent.” At The Law Office of Stephen P. Rapp, Quincy, Illinois, we urge clients to let us make contact with ANY insurance company for you. An insurance agent sells insurance and they don’t help you with a claim involving another carrier. In our years of experience we have heard of agents telling clients to “not hire a lawyer” or try to talk them out of making a valid claim on their policy. The truth is that it is important to get a skilled lawyer experienced in personal injury law right away to handle your claim. We have seen many examples of clients saying, “if I had only know that.” If you or a loved one gets injured in a car crash, get a lawyer on your side immediately. In our office, we get right to work for you so you can concentrate on getting the medical care and treatment you need.

Motorcycle Accidents in Illinois

Posted in 2018 by Attorney Stephen P. Rapp

Document the Facts

After a serious injury motorcycle crash, usually a trip to the hospital and follow-up care keeps an injured person from documenting the facts. The motorcycle may be in storage and the victim may be far from the scene of the crash.

It is important to document the scene by having photographs taken and to inspect the area for evidence. Hiring an attorney early on can be the difference as skid marks may still be present and other on-scene factors may change as time passes.

Taking photographs of the scene and the motorcycle immediately after the crash may be the best, but injuries and circumstances may not allow this to happen.

We have had clients that have taken on-scene photos and these photos can be very useful in proving what happened. If possible, document the scene. With today’s smart phones, this is much easier to do.

If you are hospitalized, have family or friends take photographs of you in the hospital.

Protect and Preserve Evidence

In motorcycle crashes, the insurance company might pressure you to release your bike or takes possession of a helmet or leathers. Consider consulting with a personal injury lawyer before you give anything away as your bike and clothing may be useful evidence. If the bike was recently repaired or serviced, there may be evidence of negligence that could be useful in presenting a claim. If there is a product defect, it is imperative to retain custody of the bike.

Again, hiring a motorcycle lawyer early on is most important. The motorcycle lawyer can take steps to preserve and protect the evidence. Far too often, clients give statements to insurance companies and later find out that the “nice” adjuster now wants to apportion fault against a biker or outright deny the claim.

Motorcycle Injuries as a Passenger in Quincy, Adams County, Illinois

Posted in 2018 by Attorney Stephen P. Rapp

If you are a passenger, make sure the driver has sufficient medical payments coverage to protect you if you are injured.

Since you are not in a car, the protective devices of an automobile don’t exist. Don’t take unnecessary risks and don’t ride with an unsafe driver or without protective clothing. Even if you have proper safety clothing, you need to have sufficient health insurance or medical payments coverage.

Wear a Protective Clothing

Be safe and wear protective clothing. You can lessen the effects of injuries by using such equipment. Insist that the driver provide this equipment or buy it yourself before being a passenger on a motorcycle.