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​Injured as a Pedestrian in Quincy, Adams County, Illinois?

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Attempt Best as Possible to Gather Information at the Scene and Obtain Prompt Medical Treatment. Make Sure Law Enforcement is Contacted.

As an injured pedestrian, while difficult, try to remember and gather as many details of the incident as possible. If there are witnesses, ask them to help and call the police and ambulance. With smart phones, taking photos of the scene before the vehicle is removed can be very important if the driver tries to claim that you were the negligent party. Pedestrians can be thrown far from the area of impact, so try to get the help of others including law enforcement, fire rescue or others to document exactly what happened. Don’t guess what happened as this might be used against you once the entire ordeal is reviewed. Even at the emergency room, don’t assume matters, be careful that your description is full and complete. Before the accident scene has been compromised, have a friend take photos or consider calling a lawyer promptly before you give a statement to an insurance company. A lawyer can investigate the entire matter, have photographs taken and take other action for you.

If Injured as a Pedestrian, Get a Lawyer BEFORE giving Statements to an Insurance Company or Signing Papers

Having represented many injured pedestrians and others, I believe one of the biggest mistakes an injured person can make is trying to represent themselves and giving statements or signing papers for an insurance company without the benefit of an attorney. Many believe they will “save money” or that they will be forced to file a lawsuit to obtain the compensation rightfully deserved. Don’t take chances, consult with a lawyer promptly and consult with a lawyer.