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Injured on Job in Quincy, Illinois: Don’t be Afraid to Make a Workers’ Compensation Claim

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Local Attorney Stephen Patrick Rapp of Quincy, Illinois, explains why those injured on the job should not be afraid to make a Workers ‘ Compensation Claim.

Don’t be Afraid to Make a Workers’ Compensation Claim if Injured on the Job in Quincy, Adams County, Illinois. Know and Protect your Rights if Injured on the Job.

Many injured on the job fear making a Workers’ Compensation Claim. The initial instinct is that a person can rely on their employer to get fair treatment. Those injured on the job are concerned that they will lose their job because they make a claim or hire an attorney. The fact of the matter is that laws protect injured workers and provide them with legal rights to appropriate compensation if injured on the job. An employer who fires an individual solely because of making a Workers’ Compensation claim faces legal consequences. In short, an employee injured on the job has the legal right to make a claim without retaliation by the employer. Don’t be afraid to make a Workers’ Compensation claim. Don’t think that you will have your rights protected by going it alone. An injured person needs to know that insurance companies essentially try to take over and without legal representation your rights to appropriate and complete medical care and monetary compensation can be affected. Know and protect your rights if injured on the job. Hire an attorney early on to help you in dealing with your employer, the employer’s insurance company and getting a claim on file. If you have had surgery or you are scheduled to have surgery, it is so important that you have an attorney to protect your legal rights and to secure the compensation you rightly deserve. Having an attorney representing your interests as soon as possible will likely avoid many mistakes made by people that think they can handle their own claim.

Get a Lawyer to Handle your Workers’ Compensation Claim Promptly after Suffering a Work Injury

Some employees fail to report their injury to their employer. It is important to make a prompt report of an injury preferably in writing to the employer. If you fail to do so, your rights to compensation can be affected. Follow-up promptly with a medical professional and seek all necessary and reasonable care. Don’t let your employer talk you out of reporting your injury or going to the doctor. Make sure you explain that your injuries were sustained on the job and make sure that you follow – up in your care and treatment. Some employees minimize their injuries thinking that they will be fine only to learn later the true nature and extent of their injuries. It might be too late then and never allow an employer to convince you to run your bills through your health insurance instead of workers’ comp. Getting prompt medical care and hiring a lawyer is most important to protect yourself.​