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There are specific risks for farm vehicles on the road

On Behalf of | Jul 18, 2023 | Farm Accidents |

Quincy and other rural areas in Illinois have unique concerns regarding road safety that do not apply to the larger more urban areas of the state. Farmers especially need to think about common risks they will face as they use the roadways in their farm vehicles.

A problem is that other drivers are frequently impatient, misjudge the size and speed of the farm vehicle or try to make dangerous maneuvers. After an accident where there were injuries and property damage, it is important to assess the entire situation and have help in determining a preferred path forward.

What are common road dangers for accidents involving farm equipment?

The areas around Quincy are likely to have farm equipment going back and forth on the roads. People need to be cognizant of the potential for accidents and how they can occur. These vehicles, out of necessity, tend to move slowly. Drivers who are sharing the road with farm vehicles might not realize how important it is for everyone’s safety to share the road.

Accidents that can happen include tractors overturning, head-on collisions and rear-end collisions. Drivers of passenger vehicles need to pay strict attention when they encounter a farm vehicle like a tractor. Checking when they can pass safely is a key to avoiding a crash. If they cannot make a safe pass, then patience would be advisable.

Other factors include watching to see if the farmer has their turn indicators activated or are using hand signals. They might give a driver behind them the go-ahead to pass. Or they might signify they should stop. Other potential problems include intersections and the inability to see the vehicle’s mirrors. As many trucks have signs posted saying, “If you cannot see my mirrors, I cannot see you,” the same is true for farm vehicles.

Farm vehicles need more room than passenger vehicles and pickups. They will make wider turns making it necessary to give them more room. Farmers also need to understand how to avoid accidents. Perhaps they can wait until the roads are not busy in the mid-morning as opposed to when people are heading to work and kids are going to school. Checking for safe passing and stopping areas is imperative. Also, knowing how much time a trip will take can be helpful.

Tailored help can be vital with farm equipment accidents

When farm equipment accidents happen, it is important to have assistance that understands these specific concerns. Discussing the case with professionals who have experience, skill and understanding to directly address what they are dealing with is essential to trying to achieve a positive result.

There is a seemingly endless array of legal options when trying to recover compensation for injuries and damaged farm equipment from an accident. Having local help that is aware of what farmers must work through every day makes a major difference.

Injuries can prevent farmers from plying their trade and working their land. It can be costly with medical expenses and leave them wondering how they will make ends meet while also repairing or replacing damaged equipment. For personal, physical, financial and emotional help to get through a troublesome time, it is useful to consult with people who have more than 30 years in this field and can help people with their needs after a farm accident.