Attorney Stephen P. Rapp believes in providing personal service to his clients. As a local lawyer, Stephen P. Rapp believes his knowledge of the area is useful in representing injured people. "Sometimes people feel that they must hire non-local attorneys to handle their claim, however, local knowledge can be an asset in the handling of a personal injury claim." Local representation can result in obtaining the necessary investigative information early on and this information often can be critical to a particular claim.

After an accident, what you do or say to the other insurance company and even your own insurance company, can affect your legal position.  Remember, the insurance adjuster works for the insurance company, not for you. If you go it alone, you’re at the mercy of the insurance company.  Their job is to settle for as little as possible, as quickly as possible.  They are tough, experienced and good at what they do.  Since the person who hurt you has a skilled representative, the insurance adjuster, it is only fair that you have someone who will fight for you and your rights.  Please contact Attorney Stephen P. Rapp for your free initial consultation.  The Law Office of Stephen P. Rapp will represent your interests. If you are a victim of an accident or work related injury, don’t be a victim of the insurance companies.

Contact us promptly after accident or injury so we can assist you early on in your claim.