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What are some of the most common car accident injuries?

On Behalf of | Dec 30, 2022 | Car Accidents |

The injuries suffered in a car accident can run the spectrum of severity. Some people are lucky enough to escape their wreck with nothing more than some bumps and bruises. But others are left with catastrophic injuries that are debilitating and completely turn their life upside down. But which injuries are the most common in a car accident? Let’s look at some of them here:

  • Head injuries: Probably the most severe among car accident injuries, head injuries and brain trauma are common in many car wrecks. A victim’s head may hit the steering wheel or dashboard, causing extensive trauma to the brain. This damage can have long-term implications, too, affecting the physical, cognitive and emotional well-being of the victim. These injuries often require extensive medical care and rehabilitation services, too. Tragically, many of these victims never fully recover from their injuries.
  • Back injuries: Your back is a complex part of your body, using a combination of nerves, muscles and bones to ensure that your body is supported. But the jarring movements that you experience in a car accident can herniate a disk or cause spine damage that leaves you with long-term pain and suffering. You might also suffer from limited mobility. Again, victims of these injuries often require a significant amount of medical care.
  • Neck injuries: An abrupt change in speed and direction, which is often the case when your vehicle is involved in an accident, causes your head and neck to snap back and forth in a quick movement. This whiplash can wreak havoc on your neck muscles and tendons. This painful injury can reduce your mobility for a certain period of time, and you may even lose the ability to talk for a little while.
  • Chest injuries: Your chest is going to bear a lot of the brunt of your car accident. The trauma caused by hitting the steering wheel or dashboard can cause broken ribs and damage to your lungs, and it can also cause significant harm to other internal organs. As a result, these injuries can be extremely dangerous, requiring immediate medical attention. They can also leave you with a painful recovery.
  • Broken arms and legs: Broken bones are common in car accidents. If you break an arm or a leg, you’ll have to deal with some pain and limited mobility. You may also need rehabilitation to strengthen the muscles surrounding the bone, as they often become weak due to limited use while your bone heals.
  • Emotional injuries: Although many of the injuries suffered in a car accident are physical in nature, there’s no denying that there’s going to be an emotional and psychological impact. You might suffer flashbacks of the accident, and the anguish caused by the wreck and its resulting damages can make life seem unbearable. These injuries are often overlooked, but they need just as much attention as those that are physical in nature.

Securing the resources that you need to focus on your recovery

Regardless of which of these injuries you suffer, it’s going to take time, money and sweat to recover as much as possible. That’s scary for many car accident victims, and understandably so.

But attorneys who are experienced in handling these matters can provide you with the guidance, insight, and advocacy that you may need to position yourself for the outcome that you want. That’s why if you’ve been injured in a car or truck accident, you might want to reach out to a legal professional who you think will fight to achieve the recovery that you need and deserve.