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How To Seek Compensation For Injuries Caused By Drunk Drivers

In spite of driver education, strict laws and penalties, drunk driving accidents continue to happen. In 2020, more than 250 alcohol-related fatalities took place throughout Illinois. In Adams County alone, there were almost 100 drunk driving arrests that same year.

The numbers fluctuate from year to year, but the problem does not go away.  If you live in or near Quincy or were injured nearby in a crash that also resulted in a DUI arrest of another driver, Law Office of Stephen P. Rapp can be your source of information and advocacy.

Attorney Rapp and the rest of our team will work hard to help you recover all compensation available to you. Throughout your case, we will be available for questions and guidance.

Get Information And Help After A DUI Accident

At Law Office of Stephen P. Rapp, you can expect personalized answers to questions such as the following, as well as skillful advocacy for the sake of your recovery.

Who can I hold responsible for my injuries after being hit by a drunk driver?

An experienced personal injury attorney with knowledge of the laws of our state can, through investigation and research, determine who is liable in your case. It may be the at-fault driver of another car or the driver of the car in which you were a passenger.

Other possible liable parties include merchants or restaurant or bar employees who served alcoholic beverages to the driver who collided with you.

If the drunk driver was under age 21, anyone who provided them with alcohol or facilitated their intake of alcohol may be responsible for compensating you. Even motel or hotel personnel who rented a room to minors carrying alcohol with them may be responsible according to Illinois’ laws.

What damages can I recover?

Your financial recovery may include compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering. The outcome will depend on various factors, such as your medical bills, applicable insurance policy limits; the facts about the crash; and the judgment of decision makers such as a claims adjuster, jury or judge.

While your case is pending, be sure to keep records of all expenses as well as a daily record of any changes in your physical condition. Your attorney will also consult with experts such as vocational specialists and life care planners if your injuries were severe or catastrophic.

What should I do after being struck by a drunk driver?

You may or may not have proof after a crash that another driver was drunk. But if your accident is reported promptly and the police arrive on the scene promptly, they may end up making a DUI arrest. Your personal injury lawyer can use this information along with other facts about the crash to prepare a compelling case for getting compensation for you from all involved parties. Even if there is no DUI arrest, an investigation by your lawyer may uncover evidence that the driver was served alcohol shortly before the crash.

What if I was partially at fault?

Illinois has modified comparative negligence laws that take into account each driver’s fault in a crash or any accidental injury. If a court finds that you were more than 50% at fault, you cannot recover compensation from another liable party. If the court determines that you were less than 50% at fault, your financial recovery will decrease to the same degree as your fault.

What To Do After An Accident

After any motor vehicle accident, you should:

  • Stay in your car until help arrives
  • Call or wait for emergency help
  • Gather any evidence you have available, including contact information for other drivers and eyewitnesses
  • Get prompt medical evaluation
  • Follow up with treatments as necessary
  • Not admit fault or talk about the details of the crash with investigators or anyone else until you have legal counsel.

You can turn to attorney Rapp for help focusing on results. He thoroughly investigates crashes, enlists the help of experts when needed, and prepares every case as if for trial to put the client in a strong negotiating position. If the other driver’s DUI contributed to the accident, he will use this information to strengthen your claim for compensation if at all possible.

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