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Work zone dangers cannot be ignored in Quincy and across Illinois

On Behalf of | May 2, 2023 | Car Accidents |

Since Quincy is such an important hub and there are so many roads that connect it to other areas, maintenance and repairs are a priority. This is true whether it is Interstate 72, U.S. Highway 24, the Bayview Bridge or any other road. Part of that is having work crews stationed to do the necessary jobs.

Those who are tasked with these jobs are inherently vulnerable to injuries and loss of life in a work zone crash. Drivers and passengers are also at risk. It can be intimidating to try and work knowing there are vehicles speeding past, often with drivers who are not paying attention or do not care about the danger others are facing because of their recklessness.

State authorities are trying to prevent work zone accidents. With that, it is taking various steps to emphasize and enhance safety measures. Still, it is wise for workers and others on the road to know about the problem and be aware of their options after a collision.

Statistics show dangers of work zone accidents

According to the Illinois Department of Transportation, there are over 6,000 work zone accidents annually in the state. In those accidents, approximately 1,500 people are injured. For 2022, the numbers are still being tabulated and analyzed, but there were 32 fatalities in these crashes. Two of the people killed were working.

Among the steps being taken to make work zones safer include giving drivers a map of where work is being done so they can plan accordingly. They also advise drivers to avoid distraction with handheld devices and onboard navigation; follow signs as they come up; lower their speed as they approach the work zone; provide sufficient room for work vehicles and other drivers; and be attentive to workers.

Contacting local professionals can be key after any kind of auto accident

After a work zone accident, people need to know their rights. Part of that is calling professionals who they can trust, understand what they are facing, can assess the circumstances and act promptly and appropriately.

People in Quincy should know the value of local help that is entrenched in the community and is well-versed in its concerns. After any type of auto accident, medical care, financial problems and fear about what the future holds are common. Injuries and loss of life from a crash can be overwhelming. Consulting with professionals who can explain the legal process and help with taking the necessary steps is imperative.