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Trucks with tall hoods more dangerous to pedestrians

On Behalf of | Apr 22, 2024 | Truck Accidents |

Walking is a great way to stay in shape and, compared to driving, a less costly, healthier method of transportation. However, anyone who walks or jogs on Illinois roads has likely been nervous at some point about being struck by a passing vehicle.

Although pedestrians are at risk of an accident involving any type of vehicle, research shows that tall trucks and SUVs are more likely to cause fatal pedestrian accidents than shorter vehicles.

The new research comes from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. Previous research concluded that pedestrian accidents were more likely to be deadly if a truck or SUV was involved, but this research specifically involved trucks with hoods more than 40 inches.

The effect of tall hoods on pedestrian accidents

Percentage wise, the study concluded that vehicles with tall hoods were 45% more likely to cause a fatal pedestrian accident. This is compared to vehicles with medium height vehicles, which were only 26% more likely to cause this type of accident.

While there is no current plan to address this problem, some activists call for designing trucks with lower hoods. It is hoped this would result in fewer fatal pedestrian accidents.

Pedestrian accidents overall have increased steadily in recent years, especially since the end of the pandemic lockdowns.

Since the number of pedestrians on the roads is probably not going to decrease, it is important to learn how to stay safe as a pedestrian and know what to do if you are hit by a vehicle.

Pedestrian safety tips

Walk on sidewalks when they are available and always follow traffic laws. Do not jaywalk. Cross streets only at crosswalks and when it is your turn to cross.

When sidewalks are not available, walk facing traffic and stay far away from traffic. If you must cross a street without a crosswalk, find a well-lit area that gives you the best view of oncoming traffic.

Although you should never drive drunk, it is best that you also avoid walking while drunk or high.

What to do after a pedestrian accident

If you are struck by a vehicle, stay calm. This may understandably be difficult but try to remain calm and assess yourself for injuries.

Move to a safe place. If you are injured and cannot move, ask someone to call 911 for you. Call the police as well and obtain a copy of the police report.

Do not let the driver leave. Even if you believe you are not injured, get the other driver’s information and license plate number. Some injuries are not immediately apparent and you may not see signs of injury until later.

Obtain medical treatment no matter what. If you learn later that you were injured, the medical records from your initial medical examination will be vital evidence if you file a personal injury claim.

What evidence you need after a pedestrian accident and why

Gather and preserve evidence. Photos and videos of the accident are valuable evidence. Save the clothes you were wearing which could show how the vehicle hit you. Save any equipment or technology you had on you, such as a phone, which was damaged in the accident.

Personal injury claims from pedestrian accidents require proving the negligence of the vehicle driver. Proving negligence can help you recover compensation for the losses you suffer due to the accident.