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What is a farm accident and who is more at risk?

On Behalf of | Apr 19, 2024 | Farm Accidents |

For those in the area, you likely have seen farm equipment on the road. Farm accidents, particularly those involving collisions between cars and farm machinery on rural roads, present a significant concern in areas like Quincy, Illinois. But, not everyone may be familiar with farm accidents and who is more at risk in them.

Defining farm accidents

Farm accidents are accidents occurring when vehicles collide with farm machinery on roads. Various factors contribute to these incidents, including equipment defects, inadequate warnings, structural failures and insufficient training. Sometimes, the fault is with the farmer, and other times, the fault is with the auto driver.

Assessing risk

Both occupants of the passenger vehicles and farmers operating machinery face risks in farm accidents. However, agricultural workers bear a particularly high risk of both fatal and nonfatal injuries. This is not particularly surprising when you think about the nature of farm equipment.

It is generally not designed to be on roadways for extended periods of time, and they are not designed for impacts outside of a farming context. For example, recent data reveals alarming figures, with over 60,000 individuals treated for agricultural-related injuries in emergency departments between 2015 and 2019.

Legal considerations

Farm accident lawsuits differ from typical personal injury cases in several key ways. While personal injury claims often involve negotiating settlements, farm accident cases require demonstrating negligence on the part of the defendant, typically the farmer. These lawsuits also involve complexities such as the use of heavy machinery, rural settings and adherence to specific agricultural laws at state and federal levels. Plus, the person operating the farming equipment may not be the owner.


Farm accidents demand attention due to their significant implications to both farmers and drivers. Understanding the risks and legal nuances is paramount for promoting safety on both roads and farms. Prioritizing safety measures is crucial in mitigating the occurrence and severity of these accidents.