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If I feel OK after a car crash, does that mean I am OK?

On Behalf of | Sep 5, 2023 | Car Accidents |

Car accidents are dangerous and cause a variety of injuries, both obvious and hidden. And, just because you feel OK after a car crash does not mean that you are OK. That is because traumatic brain injuries are common after car accidents.

What is it?

TBIs are injuries to your brain, so by their very nature, they are hidden. They can occur any time you are jostled, or your head is impacted. This is why TBIs are so common in motor vehicle accidents because even low-speed crashes result in a jostle to the body that could cause your brain to impact your skull.

Unfortunately, even though TBIs are hidden injuries, they can have lifelong consequences that can affect you physically, mentally and emotionally.

How would I know I have one?

The answer is, you might not. There are common signs and symptoms, but TBIs can be unique to their sufferer, so you may not experience these symptoms. Some symptoms are experienced by other people, and you may not even know you are exhibiting those symptoms.

Common symptoms

Nausea, headaches, dizziness, vision and hearing issues, as well as sensitivity to light and sound could all be symptoms of a TBI. You could also experience disorientation and memory loss, including irritability and difficulty thinking. You may also experience some level of anxiety, depression, fatigue, drowsiness, sleep issues and even seizures.

Symptoms you may not notice

In some TBI cases, your entire personality may change, and you may not even know. The people around you may notice your personality changes or that you are quicker to anger. But, if they do not say anything to you, your TBI will continue to get worse.

Seek medical attention immediately

Seeking medical attention is vital for several reasons. First, a medical provider can diagnose whether you have TBIs. Second, if you have a TBI, you can begin treatment to prevent further complications. Finally, treating a TBI can be costly and last for extended periods, and the medical provider can help document this so that you can properly sue the negligent driver or your insurance company for your damages.