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Drivers failing to move over a frequent cause of auto accidents

On Behalf of | Oct 4, 2023 | Car Accidents |

The Illinois roads can be dangerous. Its central location and the number of vehicles that travel in and through the state is one reason. Another is the recklessness some drivers exhibit when behind the wheel.

Many drivers are just unaware of their responsibilities in all situations. One is when there is a stopped vehicle on the side of the road. To address this, a campaign by the Illinois Broadcasters Association and AAA sought to shed light on the need to move over with its National Move Over Awareness Day.

Moving over for stopped vehicles

There are often vehicles stopped on the side of the road. It could be a construction vehicle where workers are doing repairs; a tow truck helping a stranded motorist; emergency crews helping those who have been in a crash; and for myriad other reasons. Drivers are legally obligated to reduce their speed and move over when they are coming upon vehicles with their lights flashing on the side of the road. Many drivers do not.

The statistics show how problematic accidents are in these circumstances. The most recent count says there have been 17 such collisions in the state in these instances. Annually, an estimated 200 workers are killed when they are stationed on roadsides.

This is particularly important near Quincy where there are bridges, interstates and farm vehicles frequently present. Slow moving and stopped vehicles along with their occupants and workers can be at risk for a collision if a driver is passing and does not move over or slow down.

People need to know their rights after an auto crash

This type of motor vehicle accident can have significant consequences with catastrophic injuries and loss of life. People who were hurt in this way must be aware of the available steps to make a complete recovery. That includes medical costs, lost wages, the inability to function as before and how it impacts a family. In addition to getting the proper care, knowing what can be done to hold people accountable for their lack of caution is essential.