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Local motorcycle wreck turns fatal

On Behalf of | Oct 1, 2023 | Car Accidents |

Quincy is full of so many different road types and views that are great for motorcycle riders. However, with the increased number of motorcycle riders on the roadways, this also means that car and motorcycle accidents are common on our roadways. And, the resulting car accidents can vary from minor fender benders to fatalities, like a recent crash.

The local accident

Per local media reports, a motorcyclist and truck driver collided at a Quincy intersection. As a result of the collision, the motorcyclist passed, but the driver of the truck was mostly unharmed. The road was shut down after the collision, and the wreck is still being investigated. There is no word yet on whether either party was intoxicated or what caused the accident.

Motorcycle fatality statistics

Motorcycle crash statistics are troubling. In 2021, over 5,900 fatalities from motorcycle accidents were reported, or about 60 per 100,000 motorcycles. By comparison, for passenger cars, the figure changes to 13 fatalities per 100,000 cars and for trucks 7 fatalities per 100,000 trucks.

The takeaway

Statistics show the vulnerability of motorcycle riders compared to those in other vehicle types. Bluntly, riders simply do not have the protective structures around them to stop severe, life-altering injuries, or death. And, for those motorcycle riders that are lucky enough to survive, severe, life-altering injuries can require a lifetime of treatment.

Unfortunately, insurance companies are incentivized to close cases now for as little money as possible, which can mean that your lifetime costs are not fully factored into your settlement. Keep in mind that adjusters work on behalf of the insurance company’s needs, not necessarily you or your loved ones.