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Safe driving tips for farm vehicles and motorists

On Behalf of | Dec 14, 2023 | Farm Accidents |

Did you know most of Illinois is cropland? Harvest season may be drawing closer to an end, as we reach the holidays, but we still need to use the roads to get around. Whether someone is operating farm machinery, like a tractor or a car, there are practical tips to keep in mind while driving. Accidents causing injury between cars and farm equipment can be especially severe due to farm vehicle size and speed upon impact.

Tips for farmers

The Illinois Farm Bureau offers many useful tips for safely operating farm vehicles. They recommend the use of slow-moving vehicle markers on your machinery, and the use of hazard lights to enhance visibility. In addition, for driving tips, they advise to allow other motorists to pass, if possible, and drive slower on curved roads.

Tips for motorists

Accidents usually involve multiple vehicles, so it is important for car drivers to also keep farm equipment in mind when driving. The ILFB recommends car drivers slow down when they see farm vehicles, like tractors, because farm equipment cannot usually get to max car speeds. They also advise caution around intersections and avoid passing unless you are certain the vehicle will not make a left turn.

We share the road and the responsibility

Farming is a vital industry for the Illinois economy. Even with the most cautious drivers of tractors and cars alike, the unpredictable can happen. Accidents can happen between any manner of driver and even pedestrians and stationary objects.

Accidents can have minor or severe lasting outcomes with injuries and damage, and if you were less than 50% at fault, you can seek remedy. If you or someone you love are injured due to an accident, you have options for dealing with the injuries and aftermath.