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How big a problem are farm accidents in Illinois?

On Behalf of | Feb 23, 2024 | Farm Accidents |

If you’ve driven on country roads near Quincy, you know a tractor can pop out of corn field with little to no warning, or a piece of farm equipment can stumble through a gate suddenly. Similarly, for farmers transporting their equipment, inattentive or impatient drivers can similarly cause farming equipment accidents.

Farm accident statistics

Farm accidents, those involving collisions between vehicles and farm machinery on roadways, constitute a notable concern in Illinois. Farming-related incidents routinely claim dozens of lives every year. Tractor accidents, roadway collisions and grain bin incidents collectively contribute to the severity of the issue.

Legal ramifications

The aftermath of a farm accident extends beyond physical consequences. For those who suffered injuries or lost a loved one due to the negligence of another party, pursuing a legal claim becomes imperative. Various legal avenues, such as negligence, product liability, premises liability and defective products are available for affected individuals, including farmers and their families.

Illinois’ comparative negligence law

Navigating the legal landscape in Illinois demands an understanding of its modified comparative negligence law. This stipulates that individuals partially at fault for an accident face limitations on their ability to recover damages.


In summary, farm accidents undeniably pose a substantial problem in Illinois, leading to severe consequences for those involved. Recognizing the legal rights of individuals affected by such incidents is crucial. Whether pursuing claims related to negligence, product liability or premises liability, you have options to pursue civil justice.