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Proposal might limit Illinois police from stopping speeders

On Behalf of | Feb 8, 2024 | Car Accidents |

Quincy is surrounded by well-trafficked roads used by cars and trucks heading to and through Illinois. These include Interstate 72, U.S. Highway 24, Highway 104 and the Bayview Bridge. A common concern on any interstate, highway or bridge is speeding vehicles.

Law enforcement does its best to address the problem and cite drivers to reduce how often it happens. However, if they are prevented from doing their job, it could be problematic for safety, causing accidents with injuries and death. Speeding could get worse if a proposed law moves forward. Given the damage that can be done by a speeding vehicle, people should be aware of this and know how auto crashes can negatively impact them.

Law enforcement would be limited in its ability to make traffic stops

According to the proposal, the Illinois Vehicle Code would be changed to prevent law enforcement from making stops in certain situations. Among the traffic violations that would not warrant a traffic stop are speeding and improper lane usage.

Regarding speeding, people who are stopped and register a minimum of 26 miles over the speed limit are charged with a Class B misdemeanor. If it is 35 miles over the speed limit, it is a Class A misdemeanor.

If this bill passes, police could not stop a vehicle if it is moving up to 25 mph above the speed limit. In addition, they cannot use evidence from the stop even if the driver gave consent. Other prohibited reasons for traffic stops would include not displaying their registration, having an expired registration and windows that had too much tint.

The faster a vehicle is traveling, the greater damage there will be if there is an accident. In addition, driving too fast makes it harder to avoid the unexpected and gives little margin for error. A primary reason people maintain the speed limit is due to the potential of a citation for it with the financial and license-related penalties. The possibility of officers not being able to stop speeders can be worrisome.

Determining the cause

People who were injured or lost a loved one in an auto accident will be confronted with financial, personal and professional challenges. In Quincy, that often includes people who work in farming and blue-collar jobs. They might not have the security to cover for massive medical expenses and lost time at work.

When the accident happened because of speeding, it is imperative to accrue evidence to prove it. Being advised by those who understand the local population and can maximize the compensation for all that was lost is critical.